# Advance

# Minify

You can use hexo-all-minifier (opens new window) to minify the generated files and images

# Deployment

Here's how to deploy to GitHub Pages

Configure in the blog directory 'config.yml', refer to the following:

# Deployment
## Docs: https://hexo.io/docs/deployment.html
  - type: git
    repo: git@github.com:username/username.github.io.git
    branch: master

Upload your SSH key to the remote repository. If not, enter the username and password manually.On the terminal command line:

hexo d

# Faster Loading

  1. For all the users, it is the effective way to use public CDN for the third-party lib, you can add it into static_prefix in theme config

  2. You can use OSS and bind your domain, then upload the files in the folder public to your OSS.

  3. For your custom images, especially the big banner picture, you can use tinypng (opens new window) to compress them, and upload them to your private CDN.